What we do

Build Wealth

We will help you build wealth through property ownership by assisting you to implement your financial strategy delivered as part of your personal Financial ROAD MAP.

  • Help you grow your wealth over time
  • Establish passive income
  • Plan for retirement
  • Pay off your home loan faster
  • Save interest costs
  • Reduce taxation

Our objective is to help 500 families each year start on the journey towards becoming financially free and build wealth and passive income over time.

Our education program is designed to complement our financial planning service and we continue to work with you to help you implement your ROAD MAP as part of our graduate program.

How can we help you?

We provide a comprehensive educational program able to be completed at your own pace.

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What our Clients say

I have been very happy with the purchase of my townhouse at Dinsdale Court. Working with the Du Val team has been a pleasure not only during the construction period but also since I took possession. Any maintenance items I’ve had, have been attended to promptly and professionally. I’m very satisfied with my investment and will be happy to buy another property in a Du Val development in the future.

Rodney Venning

Purchaser, Dinsdale Court

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