Portfolio Construction

Module Four helps you understand the importance of portfolio construction and consistency of investment within the framework of your ROAD MAP (financial strategy).

  • Your portfolio goals reviewed
  • Portfolio monitoring & review
  • Financial management
  • Strategies for capital growth
  • Strategies for income growth
  • Case studies
  • Introduction to the VIP room graduate program

We help you with tools and techniques to establish a framework to monitor the performance of your investment and determine when is the most appropriate time to add to your investment or consider a divestment. Life is continually changing so developing the skills to effectively manage new situations and continue to minimise risk is important within the context of your financial strategy and individual goals.

Module Four includes detailed case studies for various situations including home and single investment property ownership, to case studies reviewing larger investment portfolios and provides information, discussion and Q&A on strategies to maximise both capital gain and income.

By the conclusion of Module Four our objective is to ensure you are well positioned to become financially free and to achieve your financial goals over time. If appropriate, our graduates are invited to join our VIP room. Graduates are able to attend our quarterly events which provide continuing mentorship and support to help you construct your investment portfolio. Our events are always unique and can include black tie champagne events or boat trips to stunning locations around the Hauraki Gulf during summer months

As a VIP you will receive invitations to off-market property launches and receive a guaranteed discount of between 5%-10% off the list price for any Du Val property, when first taken to market. We also invite inspirational and expert speakers on a variety of topics and provide market updates and commentary to keep you informed. Get to know like-minded people to support you on your journey and take the opportunity to chat freely with your Authorised or Registered Financial Adviser about any questions you have and make sure that you get the most from our education program.

How can we help you?

We provide a comprehensive educational program able to be completed at your own pace.

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What our Clients say

I’m an experienced investor and searching for yield in Auckland during 2016 has been difficult with many properties not meeting my investment criteria. The ACA portfolio represented excellent value and a strong yield and I’ve been impressed by the quality of the workmanship and structure of the investment.

Gene Marr

Purchaser, ACA Portfolio

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