Buying your First Investment Property

By the time you have completed Module Two you will have a solid understanding of your personal ROAD MAP and have a strategy to help you achieve your goals over time.

  • Your investment strategy reviewed
  • Types of property investment
  • Understanding the numbers
  • Conducting your due diligence
  • Property management
  • Body corporates
  • Building warranties
  • Depreciation
  • Selecting an investment

You will have a good understanding of the most appropriate structures for you to implement to minimise risk. You will have structured your financial affairs in accordance with your strategy and should be in a position where you can contemplate investing for your future.

Module Three is a deep dive into the detail of differing property investment strategies, included is a focus on the technical aspects of property investment with detailed explanation of individual components and also case studies to review and assess financial performance.

On conclusion of Module Three you will be able to make informed decisions about selecting investments that fit with your ROAD MAP or financial strategy.

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What our Clients say

I have been very happy with the purchase of my townhouse at Dinsdale Court. Working with the Du Val team has been a pleasure not only during the construction period but also since I took possession. Any maintenance items I’ve had, have been attended to promptly and professionally. I’m very satisfied with my investment and will be happy to buy another property in a Du Val development in the future.

Rodney Venning

Purchaser, Dinsdale Court

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