Property Focused Financial Planning

As a property focused financial planning business we provide detailed information about property as an investment class to potentially help you achieve your financial objectives over time and reduce tax.
  • Financial health check
  • Needs analysis
  • Risk assessment
  • Goal setting
  • Debt management strategies
  • Property investment fundamentals
  • Meet your Adviser
We will explain the importance of a Needs Analysis which will form part of an overall financial health check so you can see where you are today and identify your short, medium and long-term financial goals. We will also provide information about differing risk profiles and what they mean and how they apply to you. During Module One we will also discuss budgeting and financial management to implement a holistic debt management strategy to pay off your home loan faster, reducing your interest cost.

How can we help you?

We provide a comprehensive educational program able to be completed at your own pace.
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What our Clients say

Our apartment in the Lakewood Plaza development is the first property we’ve purchased “off the plan” and I was very happy with how the Du Val team explained the process to Monique and I. The team talked us through the entire development process and explained how our deposit was held safely in trust until completion. We’ve made approximately $75,000 since we purchased the property and are really excited to see this beautiful building go up. Chris Forsyth

Purchaser, Lakewood Plaza

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