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Patrick & Theresa 

Du Val Wealth has helped us structure our mortgage so that it is paid off faster than what the bank told us we could, this will help us save a huge amount of interest. Working with Du Val Wealth team is fantastic, they are a lot friendlier than the bank too. Through them and their experts, it was identified that I was eligible for a trauma claim of $100,000, even though the policy was expired! We have also purchased an investment property at Lakewood Plaza. Du Val Wealth keep’s us on track to achieve our goals, and they are continually looking to add more value to their service. 

Graeme & Julia 

Du Val Wealth created a debt management program that allows us to reduce our debt quickly. This came at no change in the lifestyle we live. We are on track to pay off our mortgage in Nine and a half years, something we didn’t think was possible without a huge change in payments. With our property focussed financial roadmap, we have acquired an investment property, and we are looking at a second in the near future. We look forward to working with Du Val wealth and their team and the ongoing advice they give.

Client J&G
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