Grow your Wealth Through Property

Most wealthy people have property somewhere in their possession.
How about you?

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No. 2

Auckland’s second largest suburban apartment developer
– CBRE August 17


Apartments completed in 2016


Residential Completions Scheduled for 2018


Work completed and future development in pipeline


Property focused financial planning clients registered for our education courses each year


Wholesale private equity real-estate funds launched 2017

We Offer Services that Work

Du Val Wealth KICKSTART Seminar

Our KICKSTART seminars are held each month to introduce New Zealanders to the world of financial planning and property investment.
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We run an education program able to be completed over six months, comprising Four Modules providing you with the knowledge you need to make better financial decisions, pay off your home loan faster, build wealth through property ownership and create passive income.
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Build Wealth

We will help you build wealth through property ownership by assisting you to implement your financial strategy delivered as part of your personal Financial ROAD MAP
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We Offer Services that Work

Financial Road Map

As part of our educational program, we provide one on one time with our Authorised or Registered Financial Advisers to help you develop a financial strategy to achieve your short, medium and long-term goals. We call this your Financial ROAD MAP.
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Graduate Program

We run VIP workshops every quarter for our key clients where we provide market information, present new investment opportunities & analysis, introduce guest speakers who are expert in their fields and provide an opportunity to meet inspirational and like-minded people to support you on your journey.
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“It’s not luck, Its strategy” – Cameron Muggeridge (Registered Financial Adviser)

How we have helped

Number of Clients

Millions of dollars saved in interest

Years shaved of Mortgage

Properties Purchased


Our education program is split into Four Modules, completed at your own pace. As part of your education program, meet with one of our Authorised or Registered Financial Advisers to develop a personal financial strategy.

Property Focused Financial Planning

  • Financial health check
  • Needs analysis
  • Risk assessment
  • Goal setting

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Module Two

  • The report explained
  • Get the right legal structure
  • Open new bank accounts
  • Implement your family budget

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Module Three

  • Your investment strategy reviewed
  • Types of property investment
  • Understanding the numbers
  • Conducting your due diligence

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Module Four

  • Your portfolio goals reviewed
  • Portfolio monitoring & review
  • Financial management
  • Strategies for capital growth

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Event Schedule


Level 2, 15 Osterley Way Manukau, Auckland


Level 2, 15 Osterley Way Manukau, Auckland


Level 2, 15 Osterley Way Manukau, Auckland

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